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Kaan & Ceza - Mind Right

Kaan & Ceza – Mind Right Şarkı Sözleri;


Mind Right
wanna live that life
gotta get my mind right
gotta pay them dues
gotta make them moves
tryin to get that limelight
on an everyday grind
cuz you know I gotta shine
I don’t know about you
I don’t know about you but I gotta get mine


Ring the alarm, Ring the alarm
cuz I’m blowin up like a bomb
bring me a song
I beat up the beat
and I kill every track I get on
I know that I’m young
but I promise you pimpin
that you don’t want problems w/ KAAN
they call me the don
and I’m fallin asleep
cuz these rappers are makin me YAWN
You know that KAAN is a monster
you know I kill every concert
you know that you an imposter
you know you try to keep up
but I already lost ya
you know first class is the sponsor
boy I’m a boss so I’m eatin’ some shrimp in my pasta
livin’ my life like a mobster
so every night its just beautiful women and lobster
you know you can’t hang wit us
you all sound the same to us
stop with the ‘
all of the songs that you’re writin’
sound kinda strange to us
its been my pleasure

I’m KAAN he’s Ceza
young and we dangerous
you don’t got no hope
cuz you know the flows so dope
it’s doper than angel dust
everyone said its impossible
but i kept goin I beat every obstacle
if its a hit than I’m probably responsible
beat up emcees and I leave em in hospital beds
shit that I spit off the top of my head
is so hot that they act like its not what I said
and these rappers keep changin’ the topic instead
cuz I got it on lock like I rock with the feds


Kalk hadi mikrofonunu get
Sen bir pinpon topusun hep
Gel git git gel dansını et
Sana elbow punch ve de ağzına leg
A’sını B’sini çöz hadi yaz
Rapin altını üstüne getir hadi cap tak
Makinalı gun stil.. taramalı magazini rapim ile. kelimesi kelimesine fetih (Hah)
Rapler burada bi gelip al (Raarh)
Esmedi ki bi deli rüzgar (şah)
Kesemedi sesimi kimse benim (pırr) burdayım işte izle beni (hip)


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