Ege Yakut - Nevermore to Seoul

Ege Yakut – Nevermore to Seoul Şarkı Sözleri;


I met with you on the fourth floor,
After that asked for your phone,
Two days passed we were on our first date now.
A couple of drinks were all we wanted


I found a good place at the center
We sat down there ordered cider and burger.
Girl your glance is soaked up my mind
Cuz’ I can’t even breathe
I don’t wanna fall in love again


And I was holding on, holding on to things we’ll have for a month
You were setting off, setting off my alarms as a gave my heart
I saw an angel too, in your witch eyes and I need to confess it too
Oh, I was keeping it real,
That’s why you have made me a mess

ÖNERİLEN!  Toni Braxton - Un-Break My Heart


Verse 2:
At the end of our first date,
Wanted to see you again.
Even your hair was a masterpiece girl
Can’t get you out of my head


First I called but didn’t answer
Somehow you became a stranger
“Oh boy, I have another member,
And you should take it slow
And next week I’ll be back in Seoul
Chorus again


Yes I tried
Then I cried
Oh/look I die
You have made me a mess



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