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Faydee - Crazy

Faydee – Crazy Şarkı Sözleri / Music Lyrics;
[Verse 1]
You and I
We’re complicated more than ever
Everyday is something new ooh
There’s no winner


I should’ve known
When you lie to me, lie to me
You made me feel like you were right for me, right for me
And typically you come right back to me, back to me
Something’s gotta change
Got my heart mixed with my brain


I must be crazy for you
Crazy things I do only for you
No one drives me crazy like you do
I can’t stand the thought of you with someone new
I must be crazy for you, you (crazy, yeah)
You, you (crazy, yeah)
Crazy things I do only for you
I must be crazy for you


[Verse 2]
You and I make the worst seem better
It’s crazy what your love can do ooh
For the pleasure


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